Sunday, January 1, 2017

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5- Lee Min Ho has extended contract with Georgia Gotica (Coca despite his enlistment. They thanks to him for making Gotica more popular

6- Lee Min Ho Worldwide Fans Made Couple Project for Support Lee Min Ho going to the military. Lets Join!!

7- Everyone Got Shook and Expressed Their Feelings With the news Lee Min Ho Going Join Military

8- Detail Deadly Accident of Lee Min Ho in 2006

9- Lee Min Ho Confirms Military Enlistment Date

10- Lee Min Ho's Pet "CHOCO" Wearing Fan Gifts

11- Lee Min Ho Talks About The Perrfect Love

12- Lee Min Ho Stuns In This Classy Photoshoot For Cosmo’s 200th Magazine

13- The Hallyu map: Lee Min Ho and Song Joong Ki in Asia & Psy in the Americas and Europe

14 Legend of the Blue Sea’ actor Lee Min Ho is the best friend we wish we had

15- Lee Min Ho Displays His Generous Support For Close Friend Choi Jin Hyuk’s New Drama “Tunnel”

16- Jun Ji Hyun : Lee Min Ho is a big star, but he has a pure heart and very gentle

17- [Global K Star Ranking] Lee Min-ho, China's popular 'first place' for 4 Consecutive Weeks

18- The Power Of Lee Min Ho. China Bought DMZ The Wild Despite The Hallyu Ban

19- Lee Min Ho Receives A Lot Of Praise for DMZ The Wild

20- The True Heart of 0 yen. DMZ Lee Min Ho, A Genuine Man Full Of Genius

21- Lee min Ho's Fans Sent Rice Wreath For DMZ The Wild Press Conference

22- Lee Min Ho Breaks The 5 Million Follower Mark On Instagram!

23- [SSTV] Top 10 Global Hallyu Male Star Ranking

24- K-drama OST Sang by the Cast Himself

25- Lee Min Ho, The First Korean Wave Star Who Shook The Continent Of China

26- Lee Min Ho Popularity In The World


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