Tuesday, April 4, 2017

China bought DMZ The Wild the documentary despite the Hallyu ban. DMZ the Wild' sold in Taiwan. Broadcast from June 5. Lee Min Ho surpasses the content ban, chinese fans cant hold themselves from excitement to see no 1 hallyu king. Lee Min Ho breaks the ban Lee Minho's documentary 'DMZ The Wild' will be available on iQIYI, China largest online video platform.

According to the MBC on April 4, DMZ The Wild, a TV documentary film narrated by Lee Min Ho as a talent donation, was recently sold to Taiwan's biggest video site iQiyi. iQiyi has already posted a trailer, and will be released to paid members from June 5, including the prologue, to the main trilogy to be broadcast every Monday.

DMZ has been sold to Taiwan's biggest video site "iQiyi" in China. Lee Minho made his debut as a presenter through this documentary. At the production presentation held on the 29th last month, there is interest in not only domestic fans but also overseas fans and sending rice garlands. In the prologue, Lee Min-ho entered the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), adapting himself to the animal world

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