Friday, May 12, 2017

Omg they're waiting for lee min ho???

Shaking Hands With Minoz 

he greets his fans warmly in his 1st day of public service. 

king of fan service. god bless your golden heart leeminho

He didn't forget to say bye yo his fans. We will truly miss you LEE MIN HO 

Look!! His picture. Personal pic. 

Lee Min Ho workplace, Suseo Social Welfare Center

Gangnam official weibo update. Gangnam office is proud to have him
Thank you Korea Gangnam updating my Prince status, please take good care of him.

Other Photos

Saudi Arabia, Korea, Filipina

#AlwaysWithLeeMinHo trending topic in twitter Saudi Arabia, Korea, Filipina 12 May 2017

the fact that lee min ho got all positive comments with 3k up-votes. i got teary eyes when i read this thank you for understanding lee min ho's situation. he really doesn't deserve any hate.

believe it or not all this positive comments + 59% from man

Turkey News

Other Photos

Gangnam Distric Office


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