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Top 10 Global Hallyu Male Star Ranking
Star Seoul TV (SSTV) announces the selection of the global Hallyu star [Global K Star Ranking]. [Global K Star Ranking] is a global Korean star ranking that selects Korean stars and Kpop stars who are active in the world stage as well as domestic based on various global data.

With the still-strongest stars in China and emerging popular stars engaging, this week's [Global K Star Ranking] will feature a Korean male star from March 14, 2017 to March 20, Top 10 ranked.

In the second week of March, [Global K Star Ranking] ranked Baekdu ( 's Korean male star ranking, China' s biggest star portal site '123fans' (  and the ranking is the sum of the number of visitors and the number of searches of the SSTV. The rankings change slightly depending on the topic of the stars every week.

1. Lee Min Ho
2. Hwang Chi Yeol
3. CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa
4. Lee Jun Ki
5. Park Sihoo
6. JYJ Kim Jae Joong
7. Lee Jong Suk
8. EXO Seohun
9. Big Bang Gid Dragon
10.  Kim Soo Hyun

In this week's Star Korea TV [Global K Star Ranking], Korean stars such as Lee Min Ho, Hwang Chi Yeol, CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jun Ki, Park Sihoo, JYJ Kim Jae Joong, Lee Jong Suk, EXO Seohun, Big Bang Gid Dragon, And Kim Soo Hyun the global Kpop star were ranked in the top 10.

This week, The first place honor was Lee Min Ho for three consecutive weeks. Lee Minho, who has not been making films and dramas recently, became the first natural documentary presenter in Korea.

It will be the presenter of "DMZ, The Wild" special MBC special in UHD countries ahead of the first broadcast on April 3. 'The DMZ, The Wild' is an ambitious documentary that unveils the people of the DMZ, the world's greatest temperate primeval forest, and the unknown world that has not allowed human access for more than half a century. It has already been talked about in the meeting with Lee Min Ho who has become a global brand beyond the Asian star.The presenter is a role to convey key information at the scene of documentary shooting directly beyond the simple narrator to view the video in the studio and introduce the manuscript. It is the first time since Lee's debut as a presenter, and the format in which the presenter was introduced is also the first to be.

Lee Minho joined the DMZ as the only demilitarized zone in the world and contributed to talent donation by sympathizing with the motto of "DMZ, The Wild" to convey the ecology of the DMZ, which has never been revealed to the world. This move reflects the consistent values ​​of Lee Min-ho, who has continued his good deeds since his debut and made his own donation platform to use his global influence for more meaningful activities.

From October 2015 to March 2017, Lee Min Ho accompanied the filmmaker throughout the filming period, which lasted one year and five months. The drama, advertising shoot, overseas promotional schedule, and busy schedule were communicated to the crew on the spot, and the first place to go after the drama shooting was the DMZ. Expectations are rising in the field of presenters Lee Minho will show in the field of the presenters challenging themselves.

Lee Minho tried to introduce the people of the DMZ more vividly by cooperating with the production crew, such as revealing the extraordinary enthusiasm for shooting even under the dangers of unpredictable wildness, lurking in the cold, nearing minus 30 degrees. Thanks to it, I have met endangered otters, sperm swallows, juvenile seals, 삵, which are just a few minutes away from the world, and I was able to see the stunning allies of wild boar before my eyes.

The reality of the DMZ witnessed by Lee Minho will be unveiled at the MBC "DMZ, The Wild" prologue at 11:10 pm on April 3, and will be broadcasted in time for UHD countries in June.

Hwang Chi Yeol ranked 2nd in the [Global K Star Ranking]. who is focusing on domestic activities for a while rather than the activities of the Chinese territory for a while due to the recent Sad regime, is shining his face through a certificate shot by his colleague Stephanie.

CNBLUE Jong Yong Hwa, who has rebounded seven steps from last week. CNBLUE, a member of Jung Yong Hwa, who released the mini 7 '7 ° C N' last 20 days, has been receiving favorable reviews from China and other overseas countries recently. 

In particular, CNBLUE's new song 'Confusion' ranked first in China's largest video site on the 21st in the IniEtai Music Video Chart and Aichi's Korean Music Chart. In addition, KUGOU, a popular music source site in China, has also gained a hot global popularity with its release on the Korean music charts. 

As a result, CNBLUE was released on the 20th and became the top of the album charts of iTunes 9 countries. In addition to this, on the 24th, US Billboard praised CNBLUE through K-pop column corner 'K-TOWN'. 

CNBLUE 's new new song' Confused 'is a pop rock genre that expresses the ambivalent relationship between men and women before love and Thumb' s confused feelings. It is a unique development that leads to a chorus of strong rock sound in the first half of light rhythm.

Lee Joon-gi, who took fourth place this week, proved that it is difficult to get along in Asia.

Lee Joon-gi 's Asia tour encore' Thank you again 'started to pre - order through Interpark tickets on the 23rd and set up a record of selling all 3,000 seats.

Previously, he met fans with "Thank you" from Asia in 2016-17 in 7 cities from 5 countries, starting with Seoul in December last year, to Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore recently. "Thank you again", which is twice as big as that at that time, is a place to keep the promise of an encore performance in Seoul after finishing the tour.

Lee Jun Ki will cheer and energy from Asia Tour 'Thank you again'.

In response to such an explosive response from overseas, Lee Jun-ki's agency official said, "I am grateful to your fans. Lee Jun Ki is also impressed. I will do my best to share good memories and memories with my fans. "

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