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Minho's impromptu video letter to his fans

The fans at the venue sang a song "You & I" for Minho.
After the song ended, MC Park suggested that Minho send the fans an impromptu video mail on the spot. (The part starts around 2:06)

MC : I want Mr. LMH to write a letter to the fans. This is an impromptu request, so I'll give you the first phrase. You can follow the first phrase and make a video letter. 

MH : OK. I see.

MC : This is not something prepared in advance, so I expect to hear his heartfelt words now. The first phrase of the letter to the fans is...."For the past ten years". You will not cry, will you? [Minho shook his head.] Your eyes are moist now. It starts with "For the past ten years". Mr. LMH, are you ready?
MH : Yes. I'll try it.

MC : Then, let it start, please.

MH : (around 3:00) Umm. "Thank you very much for being with me for the past ten years," I won't say this. [Fans laughed.] You have been there, closest to me, you have stood by me so that I could complete well Act One of my acting career for the past ten years in my twenties, and I have been feeling reassured more than anybody and I could lead my acting life with a lot of smiles. I don't know how we happened to meet for what reason, how we can be in the same place like this, and how we could see each other. It's not because of LOTBS, but I guess carefully that all these are meant to be from our previous lives... I don't know what we will end up with, actually. Maybe we will end up with seeing that each other will lead an ordinary, trivial life, or we will end up with doing something greater together for somebody or for the world... Anyway, I will do my best for the next ten years too because of you. And I sincerely hope that you will stay healthy and be happy all the way like I always say. When one of my long time fans passed away, I felt really sad. So I wish those kinds of things happen as rarely as possible. I believe she is happy in heaven now. And I hope that we will draw our next ten years together healthily and happily. I won't say "Thank you" today.

MC : Do you feel his true heart, everyone?

Fans: Yes.

MH : I don't remember what I said just now.

MC : You can see it in a video clip later. You were very composed, but we could feel your sincere heart. Wow, it's really cool. Let's give Mr. LMH a big round of applause.
Talk about Faith and Minomi the doll

Some lucky fans came up to the stage for receiving presents on the first day of fanmeeting, and the MC asked those fans which project of Minho's made them his fan. Surprisingly, all of them answered coincidentally 'Faith'. At that Minho said he wondered why many fans picked Faith as their favorite despite its low ratings.

On the second day, Minho originally planned to make a little change in the first section, but the wrong script was handed to him. It was the same one on the first day. So Minho was a little troubled but he decided to give an impromptu talk without script. He talked about Faith and gave his thoughts about why many fans liked especially Faith among his works.

MH : Ah, then I'll talk about Faith, which I wanted to talk about only to drift away yesterday. [Fans cheered] This is an ad lib talk. Actually, I was curious. Though I don't mean to say that Faith was turned away by the TV viewers, it was not loved very much. [Fans protested] Nevertheless, why on earth do my fans keep saying that they got a lot of consolation and healing from it despite that? I don't know what you're thinking, but I guess that the character of Choi Young has the substance we seek for a person while we're living in this world and age. Therefore, regardless of gender, Choi Young is the kind of person I can believe in. I can have the faith that he will understand me, accept me, and stand by me silently. So I think many fans might have their wounds healed by this character of mine. I also realized many things through shooting this drama. Did I guess right?
[Fans clapped]

MH : (1:40) Frankly speaking, I don't think I can live like Choi Young. I still have many days to come to live for in the future. Though I have doubts whether I can live consistently like him, I will keep that intention deep in my heart. I will try to live well and become a person like him who can give somebody consolation and quiet comfort merely by being looked at. [Fans clapped]

MH : (2:18) Let's skip to the next topic.

MH : (2:24) I brought another precious object to represent my last ten years. I'll show it to you now. I can hear some complaints. It is none other than Minomi. This means a lot to me, and I guess it means much to you guys too.

(2:56) While I was lurking in my fan pages, I saw frequently that some fans dressed Minomi in the same costumes I put on in my projects or in the clothes they liked. In my case, when I look at this Minomi, it feels like my other self. It was modelled after me for the first time and named after my affectionate childhood nickname 'Minomi'. Actually, I have my own Minomi in my room too. It was put next to my bed. And sometimes I gaze vacantly at it and am consoled by it. Well, that's all. [Minho and the fans laughed.]

(3:54) By the way, I was befuddled yesterday, so I forgot to give the soccer ball to you. So I'll give the soccer ball and this Minomi together to you today. Even if I forget again, I wish the staff to remind me. I'll give them to you as my presents. [Fans cheered.]
[He flipped through the script.] (4:26) Um...
(4:35) The script is... [He threw it away disapprovingly.] ^^
Minho kicked the ball successfully to the second floor later, but he forgot to give Minomi to us again after all. So the fans have been teasing him about it. ^^

Have you ever heard of 'Dear Abby', an advice column in the newspaper?
Minho had a similar section in his fan meeting on the second day. Prior to the fan meeting, there were boards for post-it notes on which the fans could write their problems or wishes they wanted Minho to give them answers for.

I'll translate the 'Dear Minho' section bit by bit. (cr: Zinnia)

Part 1.
MC : It's okay if Mr LMH chooses one, but I chose the one note in advance because I thought I should definitely help this person. I'll read you guys this one first.
(0:08) "I lost my change purse in this concert hall yesterday. [Everybody including Minho laughed out loud.] It's Lion change purse and it has pink pocket pie [I don't know what it means.] in it. I can't use Wi-Fi now. I really want it back."
(0:22) If anybody found this Lion change purse yesterday, I hope the finder will give it to the staff after the fan meeting ends today. I chose this one. I felt compelled to help this person.

MH : She stressed 'Lion' in this note, so I can see that it's very precious to her.

MC : Right. I hope she will get it back. Then let's see..
'Dear Minho' section Part 2.

MC : Let's see...[She picked one.] "Dear Minho-ssi. I have a problem. You made my standards for men too high. What will you do about it?" [Minho and the fans LOLed.] What solution do you have for her?

MH : (0:12) I heard of a similar complaint once. She said, "I can't make a boyfriend since I set my eyes on you, Oppa."

MC : How could she make a boyfriend after laying her eyes on you?

MH : (0:23) I don't have any solution to that. [Everybody laughed out loud.] No Solution.

MC : Then she should find a solution for herself.

MH : (0:34) Yes, she should get it over for herself.

MC : Mr. Lee Minho can't help her because he is going to be more handsome and wonderful in the future. [Minho laughed.] Right?

MH : Yes, I am. [At that the fans and the MC burst out laughing.]

MC : He said, "Yes, I am." [Minho repeated.] Do you have any plan to worsen your looks for your fans?

MH : (0:54) Now I certainly realized that my fans prefer my looks well-maintained. [The fans cheered.] I'll continue to take care of my looks diligently and keep showing you guys my good appearance.

MC : "No solution to this problem" I say once more.
'Dear Minho' section Part 3.

MC : I see this person's problem is quite big. "Dear Oppa, I have a problem. I sincerely want to be a cook, but my parents tell me to become a government employee. They're saying that I should find a secure job. Do I have to find a stable job in my life? I am the happiest when I'm cooking. I'm thinking it over so much. What would you do if you were me?" This is a serious problem.

MH : (0:25) First of all, I'd like to recommend that she should let her parents watch many TV programs like... 'Baek Jong-won's three kings', 'Gourmet meeting on Wednesday', 'Take care of my refrigerator', 'Delicious fellows' [All these are cooking variety programs where many cooks appear.] [Fans were wowed.]

MC : 'Korean food battles.'

MH : 'Korean food battles.' Nowadays cooks are very desirable jobs. In fact, it is natural that parents worry about their daughter. They worry over anything about their children. (0:59) Even my mother sees me... [Minho and the fans laughed.] Even now, whenever she sees me, she still worries about me.

MC : What does she worry about you?

MH : (1:06) Well, about this and that. For example, when I sleep late at night, she says, "What are you going to do? You should go to bed by now. You have works to do tomorrow." She starts with this. It's a parental instinct that she can't go without.

MC : It's a good thing that she doesn't go to bed before you, [Everybody laughed] her son.

MH : So it will be sensible that she should spend some time with her parents watching those programs together so that her parents will keep up with time's and then they can change their persistent preference for her becoming a civil servant in the meantime.

MC : Right. And nowadays a successful cook is much more stable than a public official.

MH : (1:46) And then, personally, I have a dream of marrying a woman who cooks well. [Everybody laughed.] My mother cooks really well. I wish I could eat delicious dishes together [with her(my wife)]...

MC : Especially Korean dishes? [Prior to this talk, Minho mentioned that he is like a so-called 'Korean food freak'(韓食蟲).]

MH : Especially Korean dishes, yes. I completely support you. I hope that you will become a star chef in the future.

MC : Wow. Another star chef is going to be made in this way.
Talks on kissing scenes

MC : (What is the last episode? Show it.) Wow, it's a kissing scene. Ah, kissing scene. Really great. I think that many fans will agree that Minho-ssi has improved in kissing scenes greatly.

MH : (0:15) Ah? Kissing scene? I have always been good at kissing scenes ever since the first time. [Fans cheered]

MC : If your fans compared your current kissing scenes and the ones when you were a rookie actor,....

MH : Oh, really?

MC : They would say that you improved a lot... [Fans protested.] Of course, you must have been good too then. You have been shooting those kinds of scenes a lot since then. [Fans continued to protest.]

MC : [To the fans] He was originally good at it? [Fans shouted "Yes!"] Really? Are you about to riot now? Kiss Master Lee Minho. By the way, you must have studied a lot about it on your own, like about an angle. When I watched 'Heirs', I felt that my heart would stop at Kim Tan and Eun-sang's [She said 'Shin-hye ssi' instead] kissing scene.

MH : (0:55) I think that everybody has a little tendency of Peeping Tom. That pantry, a confined space, where two people were forced to be stuck in, [MC cut in "their breathing sounds"], their breathing sounds, the darkness, feeling everything of each other, [A fan screamed at his words and everybody laughed.] In a place like that, I think, whatever I did, it was expressed well.

MC : I don't know how many times I replayed that scene. [Everybody laughed.] I lost count. I guess that you must have thought over a lot how to act in kissing scenes, say an angle...

MH : (1:34) In the case of LOTBS, there was a definite order predetermined in advance. The last thing was 'dirty love'. [The MC said, "Like leads in any drama do."] So I considered the sequence. Therefore, I acted a mere lip-touching at first, just a pretty one, and I planned to act the 'dirty one' at the very last moment when all the feelings exploded, [Fans cheered.] but... the circumstances didn't allow me to show you that kissing scene (of 'dirty love') properly. Personally I'm feeling a bit that the (last) kissing scene fell short of my design. I couldn't show you 'dirty love' enough.

MC : Then can we see that 'dirty love' in your next project?

MH : (2:20) In my next project, I want to take a role in an utterly fatal love story [fans screamed at it.] that I have never acted in. I guess that my fans will expect something like a fatal love story from me too.

MC : [To the fans] Are you okay with a fatal love story? [Fans screamed "Yes!"]

MH : Now that I'm in my thirties, I think I should act in a deep love story someday, sometime.

MC : Your eyes are so deep, so I think a fatal love story suits you so well.

MH : (2:53) Personally, I want to act in a film like 'Tokyo Tower'[a Japanese movie] with an actress older than me. [The MC cut in, "I'm older than you."]

MC : Then as a fan, do you have any female sunbaenim in mind you want to act with? As couple of a younger man and an older woman? You worked with JJH-ssi this time, and is there any other female sunbaenim you want to act with in a love story?

MH : (3:27) Um... Oh Yeon-soo sunbaenim [The MC cut in, "She was very good in 'Bad Guy'] and Shim Eun-ha sunbaenim. In a love story that can touch your heart...

MC : Both are beautiful actresses. [Everybody laughed.] Good. We were told about kissing scenes so far. Wow, Mr LMH frankly told us episodes about his kissing scenes. I say thanks to him...
'Dear Minho' section Part 4.

MC : So far Mr LMH gave clear solutions to all these problems. Ah, "Please give your blessing to the second floor, too." [Everybody laughed.] This is from Mina-nim in the second floor. She wants you to throw your heart to the second floor. [Fans screamed.]

MH : Heart? Where are you, Mina-nim?

MC : (0:17) Are all of you Mina-ssi?

MH : (0:22) If I kick the soccer ball, I can send it to the second floor. [Fans cheered.]

MC : How can you? I don't think so.

MH : I want to send the soccer ball I forgot yesterday to the second floor later, only if it is not dangerous.

MC : Everybody, on condition that you will not sue him even if you're hit by the ball. [Fans cheered.] The ball is coming here. Is this really possible?

MH : Please give me a pen.

MC : He will autograph it and send it to the second floor. Wow, this is ad-lib, but it is really daebak today. [Fans shouted 'Here!'] (0:59) Ronaldo-Minho is autographing it. It's really cool. [Minho asked of date.] It is 19th February today. Wow, it's good. Mina-ssi in the second floor, are you ready to catch it?
[Minho kicked the ball. And the ball went to a vacant seat in the front row, which was vacated for video camera shooting.]

MC : It went there! It went to the second floor. Daebak. It really went to the second floor. Wow. And Mr LMH is all the more wonderful because he kicked the ball to a vacant seat, so nobody hurt.

MH : Right, I didn't put much strength in fear of hurting somebody. [Fans clapped.]

MC : If you put more strength, it could have gone to the third floor. [Everybody laughed.] You're really daebak, Minho-ssi. I'm sending my congratulations to seven hundred Mina-ssi over there...
'Dear Minho' section Part 5.

MC : Wow, this Wish Tree is good. Let's try one more... Ah, this person is really serious, too. She's serious now. "I'm on the verge of going crazy because of my boss. We can't speak the same language. S/He listens to only what s/he wants to. Then why does s/he hold a meeting, where we always argue? It's so stressful. Dear Oppa, what will you do when you hate somebody so much like this?" I can see from her note how angry she is. [Fans laughed.]

MH : (0:30) This is somewhat difficult too. When you hate somebody blindly...

MC : Have you had a similar experience? You must have had one. When you hate somebody without any reasons...

MH : Even nowadays, while I am working, without any reasons... I don't have anybody to call that I hate because people I met didn't harm me, but there are some people I don't like without any reasons.

MC : Ah, people can feel involuntary(unintended) displeasure.

MH : But this case is about her boss...

MC : She has to attend a meeting with the boss everyday...

MH : (1:05) And she is told to give ideas in a meeting only to be disregarded...

MC : Then why need a meeting in the first place? The boss should have spoken alone...

MH : Um... I want to know what she's doing.

MC : Right, but in my view she seems to work in an office.

MH : (1:26) What makes it hard for me to answer is that I have never worked in a company. [The MC said, "Right".] I also experienced many times before that I had an argument with directors or script writers about certain scenes, but they were always confrontations for better results after all. So there were some cases that I followed the director's opinions sometimes, and there were other cases that I persisted in my view till the end. But I think that if I worked in a company, it would not be the same because it would be the communication in the company...

MC : (2:06) Then, what if you had this kind of problems with the elders? In this case, she has issues with her boss, not her peers.

MH : With her boss, right. [Fans laughed, and Minho sighed.]

MC : What is she supposed to do, Minho-ssi? You should give her a word of advice for this.

MH : How about acting naturally, mimicking drunken Joon-jae over a drink, and saying like "Ya! Don't attend the meeting tomorrow"?

MC : [mimicking a drunken person] Like "After you already decided everything alone, why do you hold a meeting?"

MH : [continues in a drunken voice] "I have my own ideas, too." She can say what's in her mind like this, I guess?

MC : After that, she should pretend that she remembers nothing.

MH : So she can make her boss crazy like this.

MC : Right. [All the people laughed.] And she can say innocently, "What about drinking together tonight again?"

MH : She should think over a method of making her boss crazy with strong will power. Maybe it will work.

MC : That's a good idea. Try a 'drunken Joon-jae' tactic.
'Dear Minho' section Part 6.

MC : This stands out. "I'm on a diet nowadays but I only want to eat delicious food. What should I do? Please tell me how to lose weight."

MH : I went through going on a diet once when I prepared for LOTBS. This is another 'No solution' question. I felt that people on a diet were really awesome. I had a hard time to lose weight too because it didn't decrease easily. So I tried really hard. As for a way to lose weight, I recommend that you should sweat a lot. Put on thick clothes. I see some of you avert your eyes from me now.

MC : Some fans are bending their heads.

MH : Why are you avoiding my eyes? You should put on clothes thickly and move a lot. There is no other way. Fasting is bad for your health and mentally challenging. At the end of the day, you should exercise.

MC : After all, there is no other way than exercising. You should move a lot. Even if you eat the same amount, you can lose weight by exercising more.

MH : Right. Walk home tonight!

MC : From here, Kyung-hee University? Well, there was a fan who came from Daegu. Then, you're telling her to walk home now?

MH : Park Hae-young ssi, walk home tonight!

MC : She agrees to walk home tonight.

MH : I encourage you. I agree wholeheartedly that going on a diet is really hard.
'Dear Minho' section Part 7.

MC : (0:13) "Dear Minho Oppa, I'm a writer. My new book will be published soon. Wish me Daebak, please." Is her name Yina?

MH : Yina? [The MC cut in "Mina?"] Yisa? (0:29) I'm curious. What kind of book did she write?

MC : Right. I wonder what kind of genre it is.

MH : A book? Where is Yina-ssi?

MC : Where is the person who wrote this note? Where? Over there in the second floor. Right side.

MH : (0:47) Ah, I'm afraid that we can't hand her a mic, then.

MC : Right. Shout the answer! What genre is your book categorized in?
[The fan shouted "Romance."]

MC : Romance? [The fan said, "Yes!"] She said romance.

MH : Is it a novel? [The fan answered "Right."]

MC : (1:15) She said, "Right."

MH : (1:20) Give me a copy of the book, please. No, I would rather buy one. Let me know the title.

MC : Wow. Please convey the name of the book to one of the staff later. [To Minho] Please say a word to wish her Daebak.

MH :  (1:30) Yes. I believe that the book will be a success if it conveys the time you have spent with me and the sense of depth of it. I'm sure of it. [Fans cheered.]

MC : Wow, the sales pitch phrase came just now. 'The book Lee Minho bought!' [Everybody laughed.]

MH : I'll surely have the name of the book conveyed and buy a copy and read it. I will enjoy it.

MC : Wow, it's so good!
Cr :
Translated by Zinnia / Anna Jo
Video by MINO ARHI, goodboySR, Chunyou0622, Arsis, etc.


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