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DMZ The Wild, an MBC special to celebrate a new UHD channel is a documentary on nature to explore the wild life in the DMZ, an unknown world which never allowed human visit over half a century. It will show the bare face of the DMZ, the world's largest primeval forest in the temperate zone where the heart-wrenching human history and the fierce survival history of the wild coexist.

Lee Min Ho as Presenter. A presenter is a show host. A presenter in a documentary not only narrates but also participates in shooting directly, delivers the context to the viewers and connects the flow of the show. Lee Min Ho the presenter accompanied the crew to the filming locations, waited for the wild animals with the crew enduring the sub-zero cold, and played an active part in the field despite the danger of mines. It was the first-ever attempt in the domestic nature documentary history, and we will deliver the vivid wild life to the viewers. The prologue of DMZ The Wild set to be aired on 3rd April is a kind of 'making film' of DMZ The Wild, which will be aired in June for Episode 1, 2, and 3 in celebration for opening a new UHD channel. It will unfold the production process of a nature documentary as a story of Lee Min Ho's experiences and invite the viewers to join the seven hundred days' journey to the nature documentary production.

After The prologue, Lee Min Ho Receives A Lot Of Praise from Netizens :

"I really enjoyed it. I was really focused on the preview though. This book is really expected. It is not easy to take a picture of a top star like Lee Min Ho in the idea of donating talent .. I also saw an article about feeling guilty by soldiers and it looks like a really nice guy .. and Lee Min Ho is really good."

"Min-ho, who is so cool under the documentary."

"It was fun. Narration voice is big hit!"

"Lee Minho is a big hit. I really liked it because the acting was good. A lot of nationality transcendence looks reason. Smoke performance. It seems to be. One of the best celebrities I know"

"I remember when I was working in the forefront. DMZ is really a clean area. I remember the first time I saw an owl, a huge eagle and even a goat. I have to see it."

"It was a lot of hard work, but it was a gift of meaningful talent."

"Lee Minho that a real interesting concept is as cool as face."

"Lee Minho documentary beauty jackpot in a very friendly."

"It's so fun ~ !!!! Lee Minho great hit cool ^^ Next one-way home shooter angle ~~~

"I had a good time and really enjoyed it."

"Lee Minho Concept Actor 1 year and 5 months long shooting, participating in the talent gift, but I was really troubled to see today ... I think I saw other charm of Lee Min Ho's actors"

"Lee Minho  donated talent to a meaningful good documentary and it is wonderful. The documentary was also interesting."

"Lee Min Ho Good narration and good interim interview. DMG Nature was cruel, but I could feel the solemnity of life."

"Lee Minho  been involved for a long time, he has a great voice,  also look good in the document"

"Honey voice !This is the prologue, but this one is more fun!"

"The voice is good. The visual is better."

"Lee Minnho , I too, am looking forward to it in June."

"I had fun in the documentary thanks to Lee Min Ho Lee Minho I would have spent a lot of hard times"

"I saw him laughing with his family. The subtitles called "new  rich PD" were also interesting, and Lee Minho came out and seemed more friendly. It was cool ~ but it is intense inside."

"Lee Min Ho 's voice is so soft and comfortable I knew it was a bloody thanks to the bloody DMG docu a little less terrible well seen. The documentary was made very well, and Lee Minho's presenter was a good number"

"The role of the staff ... Interviews and feelings are true to each action."

Source (1)

"His face is handsome and his heart is good."

" Lee Minho like turning out to be a very good person. In the drama see a different brand new look good to see. And keep doing a good thing.

" Lee Min-ho, who is also full of real cool "

" Lee Min-ho the best."

" It's a lot better than real thoughts ... If you convert this to money, the amount will be enormous, but also physically it will be much harder than regular drama shooting."

"Lee Minhoalways here for full of concept ^^

"He  slept for two hours and lay in the snow, waiting for the goat and really suffered a lot. Lee Minho is awesome"

" Really appears to have gone through a lot because I saw yesterday ㅠㅠ a lot of work and I did!"

"It was nice as a presenters at talent donations, and also the appearance of everyday was good. Lee Min Ho"

" I watched it accidentally yesterday, but I really liked Lee Minho's authenticity."

" Thanks to phenomenal. Minho, as he did a really good job"

" A wonderful presenting challenge of Lee Min Ho ... Lee Minho always works wonderfully ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡"

" It's easy to say that the tops are all money if you see them wherever they go, but they do not have a simple one-year and five-month guarantee to go to the danger zone"

" It was a documentary hit that saw Lee Minho of the woman of unpainted face"

" Documentary Giftedness We know the new charm of Lee Min-ho and the new aspect of DMG."

Source (2)

"It was bird's fault"

" More = the height of his bird droppings, but a forward, ㄷㄷ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ to work out"

" Wonderful gift aid!"

" he was really handsome ~ ♡

" It's a big hit ... There's a place like this in Korea ..."

" Thanks to Lee Min Ho, I can see the document"

" This is more fun than I thought. I think I'll see the next one ..."

" I really like the voice of the narration too ♡♡♡"

" Great gift aid. Is so interesting"

" It was a boar sometimes come to the originally herbivores after all."

" That's so funny."

" I think viewers will get closer to the documentary. It's a long, long shot, but it's not that easy. It sounds like a good person."

" Completely calm and nice voice."

"I looked at the snake for Lee Minho. I'm scared of snakes"

" Real real documentary Minho totally fun. June 15, I want you to come as soon as possible, ^^.

" It's so cute Lol

" Lee Min Ho really suffered. He is very handsome, friendly and cute. I'm going crazy. Doc, too."

" It was better because I was comfortable with Lee Minho's voice and also with the crew."

Source (3)

 Source (4)

"a global star, Lee Minho" 

"Lee Minho at a time when this documentary export is great." 

"Lee Minho is so nice. Hwating ^^ 

 "There is a real global. Documentary is really looking forward to."

 "I am amazed at the effort he made more than the staff. Documentary will attract attention in the world thanks to global Lee Min Ho" 

 "Lee Min Ho I am very proud of this documentary." 

"Prologue It was so funny It plays a great role in popularizing documentary. Global Star Lee Minho documentary showed a comfortable voice in a friendly dmz that, more like Wild forward." 

 "High quality of Korean documentary to Lee and properly known, I hope." 

"Really amazing. Is so cool." 

 "Lee Min Ho seems to be spreading beyond the imagination not only in China but also in the world. I was able to see what real DMZ and DMZ did not know in the documentary."

 "I am very proud of Lee Min-ho. Oh, I did not care about nature document" 

Source (5

Translated by : Nika94

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