Friday, May 5, 2017

DMZ The Wild, an MBC special to celebrate a new UHD channel is a documentary on nature to explore the wild life in the DMZ, an unknown world which never allowed human visit over half a century. It will show the bare face of the DMZ, the world's largest primeval forest in the temperate zone where the heart-wrenching human history and the fierce survival history of the wild coexist.

Lee Min Ho as Presenter. A presenter is a show host. A presenter in a documentary not only narrates but also participates in shooting directly, delivers the context to the viewers and connects the flow of the show. Lee Min Ho the presenter accompanied the crew to the filming locations, waited for the wild animals with the crew enduring the sub-zero cold, and played an active part in the field despite the danger of mines. It was the first-ever attempt in the domestic nature documentary history, and we will deliver the vivid wild life to the viewers.

After DMZ Press Conference, Lee Min Ho get fans excited for DMZ The Wild Documentary

DMZ Article On Naver Korea Reached 239.000 views

Lee Minho's 3 Videos DMZ The Wild Doc are belong to Top 100 Videos in tv Naver Korea

DMZ Article On Naver Korea 1,620 comments. The highest upvote reached 6,512. Men dominate the comment section in his article, 53% Men, 47% Women.

8 Lee Min Ho DMZ Videos in Top 100 tv naver korea

DMZ & Lee Min Ho No.1 & No.3 trends in South Korea.

The prologue of DMZ The Wild set to be aired on 3rd April is a kind of 'making film' of DMZ The Wild, which will be aired in June for Episode 1, 2, and 3 in celebration for opening a new UHD channel. It will unfold the production process of a nature documentary as a story of Lee Min Ho's experiences and invite the viewers to join the seven hundred days' journey to the nature documentary production.


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