Tuesday, April 4, 2017

In the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), Lee Min-ho, who spent 700 days in the DMZ, was reborn as a real man.

On April 3, MBC broadcasted the prologue of the documentary DMZ, The Wild, from UHD. 'DMZ, The Wild' is a natural documentary that tells the wild world of the DMZ, an unknown world that has not allowed human access for more than half a century. The filmmaker who made 'Tears of the Amazon' and 'The Tears of the South Pole' filmed, and Lee Min-ho became the presenter (the role of delivering key information at the documentary scene). The shooting period was one year and five months, and took more than 700 days.

On this day, the prologue focused on Lee Min Ho 's wild professional growth story. The filming in the DMZ was not recorded. It was a struggle between cold and hunger, and there was a real reality behind a beautiful ecosystem. Lee Minho said, "The first thought was 'Why did you say this (DMZ documentary)?'" He said, "I thought I could experience something new and new things in the DMZ.

On the first day of shooting, Lee Minho waited for the boar in the cold of minus 20 degrees. He said, "It is sad but delicious," he said. At the end of 8 hours, Lee Minho and the production team were able to meet the boar. I faced a boar in front of 5M, and the production team said, "Lee Min-ho won the snowball fight." But Lee Min-ho was frightened.

In addition, Lee Min-ho, who was trembling at the sight of ants, grew more and more accustomed to the wilderness over time. I saw the excretion and saw what kind of animal it was, and sniffed it by hand. In addition, Lee Minho can shoot with the production team to shoot the goat. For the goat I met in 20 hours, Lee Minho said, "Visual is my style."

There was a funny thing in a crow flock of black-tailed gulls. Lee Min - ho had to speak in a crowd of black - tailed gulls. But I forgot about the ambivalence in the cries of the gulls and got angry. Moreover, the bird richard simmons was hit. Lee Min-ho said, "It does not look like I'm handsome." Lee Minho also recalls the time, saying, "It is as if the whine is still alive, so it seems to take a mental illness."

Lee Minho also faced the pain of division in the DMZ. Lee Minho was wearing uniforms and climbing 1,000 meters of mountain trails. "I think my thighs are going to tear," he said. In his narration, Lee Min-ho expressed his respect, saying, "Our soldiers go up and down this place dozens of times a day."

Lee Minho said of the DMZ, "I feel the fear before some kind of big situation occurs, rather than peace." Especially, there were many elk sacrificed in this situation. Lee felt shock and sadness together. The most shocking of Lee Min Ho was the predation of wild boar. "I think I was more cruel than anything I've seen in my life," he said.

Lee Minho said, "I was surprised and guilty that there was this nature in the fire and an hour or two away from Seoul, and I am Korean, and I did not know such a place in Korea. It is said that the country is in the process. "

Lee Minho appeared in this documentary as a no guarantee. When I look at the prologue, I feel what he wants to do with the documentary he had taken over this long time. The most beautiful and sad place in Korea. I want to convey the reality of such a DMZ and hope that I wish to work hard to preserve it.

'DMZ, The Wild' The trilogy will be broadcast on June 5th

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Translated by gtlmh0622

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