Friday, April 14, 2017

Cosmopolitan Korea has reached a milestone and invited Lee Min Ho to help them celebrate it.

Lee Min Ho became the first male celebrity to decorate the cover of Cosmopolitan Korea’s latest issue. He was selected to display his cool, manly charm for the magazine’s 200th publication. Other male celebrities have graced the cover in the past, but usually with a group or with a female model.

The actor displayed a broody and chic concept for the pictorial as he posed in a variety of looks and styles. The shoot also included an exclusive interview with the actor, in which he talked about the last role he played for SBS‘s drama The Legend of the Blue Sea.

“I would normally say that my character is a collection of characters. I think I was able to pull out those naturally and play them. If you are an actor who has shown a lot of characters in your twenties, you should be able to present your potential in another area as you grow older.” — Lee Min Ho

He also talked about his new album, Always, and described these type of projects as a way to communicate with his fans.

The rest of the photos and interviews will be included in the April issue of the magazine.

Check out Lee Min Ho’s Cosmopolitan Korea tease photos below:

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