Sunday, April 9, 2017

Jun Ji Hyun's interview on Japanese Kstyle . Jun Ji Hyun Praises Lee Min Ho for his gentle & pure heart.

Q : How is to work with Mr. Lee Min-Ho ?

JJH : It's very happy to work with him. It's my first time working with him, so I can't say we are 100% matched.........。Although Mr. Lee Min-ho is a big star, but he has a kind and pure heart. At that time, I was impressed by his kindness several times. Really happy in those filming times.

Q : From March, broadcasting of "Legend Of The Blue Sea" will be started at CS satellite theater in Japan. What is the impression that this work is broadcast in Japan?

JJH: Since this work is a drama that got a good evaluation in Korea, I hope that you like it also in Japan.

Q : Please tell me if you have prepared specially such as swimming to act merm

JJH :: Since there are a lot of shooting underwater, we started a lot from scuba diving and practiced diversity and so on. While acquiring qualifications while training, I took underwater photography with a certain level of skill, so I was able to look more easily than I thought.

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