Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Detail – Deadly Accident of Lee Min Ho in 2006

1. (Now) On every Action scene, Lee Min Ho never use the right foot due to the accident, always use the left foot for action scene even for scenes where he kicks a door it was done using the left foot. His legs condition is not good now so he can only use a leg in action scenes.

2. (Now) LMH is not strong stand for long. Standing up for more than 20 minutes he will sits for a minute. According to one of the crews in Gangnam Blues at the location of his shooting, he would always sit for a minute after standing up for more than 20 minutes.

3. (Past) In 2006, when Lee Min Ho was 19 years old, he and his high school friends actor Jung IL Woo went on a vacation. Then their car was hit by a car as a result two were dead and 2 were seriously injured (Lee Min Ho, Jung IL Woo)

4. Jung IL Woo suffered concussion and brain hemorrhage.

5. Lee Min Ho nearly 1 year in the hospital and could not move. Lee Min Ho fell into coma for a month and hospitalized for about a year. Bone fractures in his right thigh and a fracture in the ankle. And torn cartilage in knee.

6. Doctor convicted Lee Min Ho that he will not be able to walk again.

7. Then an iron plates measured 46 cm was planted in his right leg for 3 years.

9. His thigh and ankle bones suffered fractures and a metal implant was put in his thigh..

8. In 2006 it was Lee Min Ho’s debut as an actor. In August after filming ended Lee Min Ho had an accident.

9. In 2009 after all the filming of Boys Before Flowers was finished Lee Min Ho had another surgery to remove the iron plates.

10. Lee Min Ho always said in interviews that every winter his right foot would be painful. Especially when filming Boys Before Flowers during a scene where he was plunged in the pool where it was winter and the weather was below 0 degrees and he had to jump into the cold water in the pool.

11. In 2011 Lee Min Ho had another car accident. His car was destroyed (see picture) fortunately Lee Mi Ho only had minor injuries.

Lee Min ho involved in 2 car accidents (2006 & 2011). That's more than enough reason for public service

"please dont curse at him"

yes take note this, please dont curse at leeminho!

Lee Min Ho is Walking Around With A Piece Of Metal in His Leg and Still Wants in The Army


  1. Whatever the case
    Lee Min Ho still is my favorite actor among all my role model


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