Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lee Minho 's donation platform 'PROMIZ' participated in' 2017 Gangnam Social Welfare Show 'held at COEX’ East Door Square, Seoul on September 16, 2017.. Under the slogan of "designing a life with hope," this social welfare fair took the lead in reconsidering the awareness of social welfare through participation of more than 40 social welfare institutions and related organizations. The fair will have 40 booths of social welfare agencies and related organizations, Promiz being one of them

Lee Min-ho donated platform Promiz directly operated booths, children's traffic safety education program and related events. This is part of the campaign for the promotion of transparent umbrellas from 2015. We launched the Transparent Umbrella Project, which distributes umbrellas specially designed for children to be safe on the beat. In 2016, the project cooperated with the Ministry of Education to expand the scope to the national elementary schools. At this event, we informed the need of traffic safety and transparent umbrella through quiz and event experience.

Promiz also sponsored about 900 Promise T-Shirts for the fair management staff, and will donate the full proceeds of the Promiz products sold on-site.

Promiz is a new social contribution and donation platform launched in 2014 by Lee Min Ho, which was launched in 2014 to return the love that Lee Min Ho received worldwide to sharing. Since the commencement of the Promiz, we have been presenting various projects to select related keywords such as water, children, and animals, and have concluded agreements with various relief organizations to practice sharing and love.

Lee Min Ho was selected as the winner of the first Happiness Sharing Award in 2016 as an artist in the field of popular culture and arts, and the Promiz also won the Brand Award Donation Platform for two consecutive years. Lee Minho was the only artist to be awarded the prize at the award ceremony of 'Happy Happiness Sharing' in 2016, and 'Promiz' won the 'Good Brand Award' donation platform for the second consecutive year.

"We are pleased to participate in meaningful events and practice sharing. We will continue to carry out events, campaigns, and various sharing activities related to children's traffic safety, and we will continue to think about safety again. I hope to be. "

On the other hand, Lee Minho is currently under military service as a social service agent.

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~ Admin Ithrie

The staff wearing PMZ PROMIZ T-shirts
 PROMIZ Booth at Gangnam Social Welfare Fair.
This is Promiz stand in Gangnam Social Welfare Centre. good luck, team!


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