Thursday, November 13, 2014

Actor Lee Min-ho’s drama “Faith: The Great Doctor” was selected as the best among Korean dramas in Japan.

The SBS drama broadcast two years ago received the first prize in the Korean drama section of “GAYO Entertainment Awards 2014” on Monday.

The winner was selected based on the yearly sales of “GAYO store,” Japan’s largest video streaming site that takes over about 80 percent of the total video clip service industry.

The success of the drama was mainly due to the popularity of the male lead Lee and his character, General Choi Young of Goryeo Dynasty, in the drama.

“Lee’s continuously popularity in Japan seems to have led to the success of his drama as well. Also, the motif and the plot of drama are also favorable for Japanese,” an official of the Korean drama distributing firm was quoted as saying.

“The loyalty and faith of Lee’s character seemed to attract viewers of Japan. Also, the character’s pure and delicate emotions expressed in the drama allured the fans as well,” he added.

The 27-year-old heartthrob has currently finished filming his first lead-role action film “Gangnam Blues,” which is schedule to be released in January.

By Kim Min-jin (

Source: kpopherald


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