Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hallyu star Lee Min Ho is making waves once again in China through Naver’s global messenger app “LINE.”

LINE has set Lee Min Ho as the main character of a promotional three-part mini drama titled “One LINE Love,” which was revealed on May 9 through China’s VOD (video-on-demand) site IQiyi. As soon as the drama was open to the public, it recorded more than five million hits, earning explosive popularity in China. 

The 15-minute episodes depict a story of a female Chinese tourist who goes to Korea and meets a man. Due to their language barrier, the two people use the mobile messenger app LINE to communicate with one another. In the story, Lee Min Ho plays the role of “Min Ho,” a music producer with both good looks and skills. Taiwanese actress, Bea Hayden, plays the role of the tourist named “Ling Ling.” The two actors were seen filming around various areas in Seoul, including the Namsan Tower last month.

The actor’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, revealed, “’One LINE Love’ has been receiving a lot of love since its opening. It is being spread by word-of-mouth at an extremely fast rate, causing it to have such high numbers of views.”

Following the popularity of “Boys of Over Flowers” and “The Heirs,” Lee Min Ho is gaining tremendous popularity throughout China. Lee Min Ho is currently in the middle of filming for upcoming movie “Gangnam Blues.” 

“One LINE Love” will reveal its second episode on May 15 and the third episode on May 16.

Source: soompi


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