Sunday, July 23, 2017

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“Boys Over Flowers”

Perhaps best known as Lee Min Ho’s breakout drama where he sported his famous curly ‘do, “Boys Over Flowers” is a quintessential gateway drama. Like “Playful Kiss,” this drama is based on a manga and was adapted in several languages. It’s a longer drama as far as weekly dramas go, clocking in at twenty-five episodes of “poor girl meets rich boy” goodness. Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum slipped into the spotlight with these roles. Even Lee Min Jung, an A-list star of dramaland, had a role in this 2009 hit. Do you remember your first time watching Jan Di and the F4?

“City Hunter”

I pay my respects to my sister as I mention “City Hunter.” This was her gateway drama, one I had begged her to watch, and one that she refused to watch for quite a while. She had listened to me gasp and scream while watching and when she finally took the plunge into the universe of Bad Daddy, Lee Min Ho, and Park Min Young, she did the exact same thing. Needless-to-say, we now watch dramas together on a regular basis, talking about the latest episodes and fawning over all of the pretty — ’cause you know there is plenty of pretty in the world of drama.

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