Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lee Min Ho was spotted doing a photo shoot in Jeju Island for Innisfree. He did it before his enlistment.

Lee Min Ho recently had a photo shoot before his enlistment. He was spotted enjoying the shoot in Jeju Island. The actor did well in the photo shoot showing his handsome face.

Lee Min Ho just held a nice photo shoot in Jeju Island. He did the shoot for makeup brand Innisfree on May 11. While having the shoot, Lee Min Ho also enjoyed the beautiful scenery in Jeju Island. The staff said that he wanted to travel in a clean Jeju Island and he would like to capture the beautiful scenery on the island as the background of his picture, AllKpop reported.

Instead of only getting the picture of Lee Min Ho, the pictorial is more beautiful with the awesome scenery of Jeju Island as the background. In one of the pictures, Lee Min Ho was in the middle of green tea field, smiling widely. In another picture, he was holding an orange covering one of his eyes. He was in the orange field to take the shoot for this picture. In other pictures, beach was chosen as the background.

Lee Min Ho went to army duty on May 12. He is now serving as a service office worker in Gangnam District Office. It was previously said that Lee Min Ho got public service worker verdict because of his car accident in the past, Soompi reported.

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