Friday, February 28, 2014

Currently juggling many things around, Lee Min Ho will also be the new face of Twosome Place.

On February 28, Starhaus Entertainment stated, “Lee Min Ho signed the exclusive contract for CJ Foodville’s premium dessert café brand, Twosome Place.”

“He will officially begin activities for the café with the start of the promotional video filming.”

It became known that Lee Min Ho was chosen as the model with Twosome Place aiming towards the Chinese market in the future.

With his dramas City Hunter and The Heirs, Lee Min Ho has been attracting much popularity, and even more when he appeared in China’s biggest Lunar New Year’s special, New Year’s Gala. He is currently receiving a lot of CF offers in China as well.

“Very similar to the fragrant and captivating scent of coffee, Lee Min Ho’s image overlapped with the atmosphere of Twosome Place, and we expect the brand to rise in recognition and preference. We also believe Lee Min Ho will have a positive effect on the Chinese market,” said Twosome Place.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is currently filming the movie, Gangnam Blues, postponing his overseas tour.

Photo Credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Source: enewsworld


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